1. Receivers are mandatory; they are used for track safety.   

2. From the staging area when you enter the track be LINED up. There will be 1 pace lap BEFORE you take the green.   

3. All starts will be at yellow tire in turn 4 (Flagman will start race). On the start coming out of turn 4 inside pole and outside pole MUST be close to being side by side. If not, the flagman will WAVE THE GREEN FLAG, then will yellow light the race once cars reach back straight away.   

4. Jump starts (1st) will be a warning (2nd) time will go to the back of the pack. (FLAGMANS CALL OR ANY TRACK OFFICIAL)   

5. All cars INVOLVED IN CAUTION on the race track when the YELLOW comes out WILL GO TO THE BACK OF THE PACK.   

6. If you spin out DEPENDING where you are on the track you COULD BE PUT A LAP DOWN BEFORE THE YELLOW COMES OUT. (FLAGMAN’S CHOICE) If the Flagman feels your safe, the race will continue and the receiver will tell the other drivers your whereabouts.   

7. If you take the leader out YOU WILL BE BLACKED FLAGGED. ALL CALLS WILL BE FAIR. In some CIRMCUMSTANCES the LEADER COULD BE put back into the lead. (The only way the leader is put back in the lead will be if him/her are intentionally taken out. THAT WILL BE DETERMINED BY A TRACK OFFICIAL.   

8. Under a YELLOW please get in single file ASAP so we can get you in the right place. ALL MAIN EVENTS will be restarted in TEXAS STYLE RESTARTS. That is where the leader is out front by his/her self and double file from there on back. 2nd place car has the choice to go inside or outside. 3rd place car goes in or outside depending on where the 2nd place car goes. If you feel that you are not in the right place DO NOT STOP on the track and talk to a track official. The receivers will line you up according to the previous lap. (IF YOU DO STOP ON THE TRACK YOU WILL GO TO THE BACK OF THE PACK.) The only reason that you will be able to stop on the track is if a track official stops you to look at something on your car.  

9. In the heat races you will only get 2 SPINS as long as you keep going you will be fine. If you STOP YOU ARE DONE for the HEAT race. (PLEASE do not STOP and talk to the TRACK OFFICIAL) 2 CAUTIONS in the MAIN EVENT by yourself and you are done, return to the pits. (DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK TO TALK ABOUT IT, PLEASE JUST GO TO THE PITS.)   10. If you are mad and HIT a car for any reason under yellow YOU WILL BE DONE FOR THE NIGHT AND POSSIBLY THE YEAR (that will be determined by officials.)   

11. If there is a wreck on the track NO PITCREW MEMEBERS ON THE TRACK FOR ANY REASON. If any of your pit crew members comes on the track that car will be DISQUALIFIED for that race.   

12. We have 3 black flag rules. If the flag is rolled up and pointed at you that is a warning to you to calm it down (for rough driving or any reason the FLAGMAN chooses to give it to you.) You will be notified over the receiver. If the FLAGMAN holds the flag stretched out that is a mechanical black flag, HE WILL GIVE IT TO YOU 2 TIMES AFTER THE SECOND TIME YOU WILL GET A WAVING BLACK FLAG AND IF YOU DO NOT EXIT THE TRACK YOU WILL NOT BE SCORED ANY LONGER. You will be notified over the receiver. The waving black flag means that you are DISQUALIFIED FOR THAT RACE and will not be paid for that race. Please DO NOT bring your attitude to us to get this handled.   

13. If you are black flagged PLEASE go to the pits in a PROFFESSIONAL MANNER. DO NOT SPEED THROUGH THE PITS. If you do speed through the pits, it will be at the track promoter’s choice to fine you any amount that he so chooses or bar you for however long that he chooses. This is done for people’s safety.   

14. RED flag means STOP on the track where ever you are. DO NOT move until a TRACK OFFICIAL TELLS YOU TO OR THE YELLOW LIGHT COMES ON. If you keep moving you will be PENALIZED 2 PLACES, IF YOU ARE THE LAST CAR YOU WILL BE PUT 1 LAP DOWN.   

15. Do not stop on the track when you have a flat TO CAUSE A CAUTION. If you do YOU WILL BE BLACK FLAGGED AND DONE FOR THAT RACE WITH NO PAY.   

16. If you have a flat you can go fix it under green BUT YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE TRACK UNDER GREEN, YOU MUST WAIT UNTIL A YELLOW. Officials will say when you re-enter the track. YOU WILL HAVE TWO PARADE LAPS TO REPAIR CAR.   

17. 1st place in the heat to scales/Top 3 in A and B etc. features to scales. You must remain in tech UNTIL it is safe for you to go to your pit.    

18. NO ONE is allowed in the SCORING TOWER for any REASON. DO NOT go to the FLAGMAN either. Please find one of the track officials to talk about whatever you need. If the races are going PLEASE wait until the RACES are done, thank you.   

19. PIT CREW members do not come talk to the track officials about your DRIVERS problems. DRIVERS you need to be the one that comes to talk with the track officials in a calm manner.   

20. Drivers will be held responsible for the actions and behaviors or their pit crew and spectators.   

21. Hot Pit- There will be NO HOT PIT. Return to your pit area for repairs to car. Drive at a safe speed through pit area for safety. You will be given two laps to repair cars. Re-enter the track at the gate by turn 1. Track officials will let you back on track, tag on rear of field.   

The staff at Elk City Motor Speedway would like to THANK YOU to all the teams that help support Elk City Motor Speedway for the 2018 Race Season. Hope to see each and every one of you in the up and coming years at the Elk City Motor Speedway. Calvin Bonner Kenneth Bonner Jr. (580)799-2306 (580)799-3984 For any Questions please feel free to call or go to our web page at